Subaru Forester Rear Wiper Delete Plug (2002-2013)


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Data sheet

Material Aluminum Alloy 6061
Surface Finish Anodized - Painted - Polished
Gasket Material Neopren Rubber 70°SH

More info

Our Wiper Delete Plugs are either handmade or CNC manufactured, produced with great care and ceaselessly inspected during the entire process. For the special plugs we make we use only high quality aluminum bars made in Europe and we provide them with large coverage rubber neopren gaskets for secure waterproof sealing.

Our Anodized black plugs have a semigloss surface finish and can  optionally be painted. Please contact for custom color paint job on the plug or choose one of our standard colors.

- High quality aluminum alloy plug to delete the rear wiper. Save weight and change the rear look of your car!

- Completely watertight with the rubber washers we provide, both for the external and internal surface! Our plugs are designed to autocenter in hole avoiding wrong positioning and leaks!

- Plug and its back plate are connected with stainless steel screw to last in time!

- Can be placed in seconds, no tools required! 

- To be easily used on different cars, even on different models and brands if the wiper hole is similarly sized.

- Only we can offer you the option to choose the plug's shape and colour according to your taste!



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Subaru Forester Rear Wiper Delete Plug (2002-2013)

Subaru Forester Rear Wiper Delete Plug (2002-2013)